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Reflector is a simple utility that runs as an AirPlay receiver on your Mac or Windows machine. The app allowed users to mirror their iOS or Cast devices, wirelessly to another screen. The continued iteration and feature additions allowed us to grow in our consumer markets. As a one-time-purchase application, the value additions and iteration on the interface had to provide value for customers to upgrade from the previous release.

Reflector App Icon Iteration and Concepts

For the mirrored screen rendering, there is a settings overlay that allowed the user to record and configure each display to their liking. Instructional guidelines for the development team came in handy for making sure that the interface displayed correctly for each device.

Reflector Director & Student

These mobile companion apps were to serve teachers and students as an entry-level solution to device management. With Reflector being used in over 100,000 classrooms worldwide, we saw a need for inexpensive tools to manage their screen sharing environments.

Utilizing the larger screen real-estate on the iPad gave Director the ability to show real-time screen monitoring. Teachers could easily control Reflector from the back of the classroom while keeping an eye on the students' devices.

Student is a simple tool that allows students to join to Reflector. Mostly used in limited or restricted school networks, students could easily connect in harsh network environments.

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