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Ditto is SaaS-based presentation software for conference rooms and classrooms. The service uses several different platforms to allow anyone in an organization to share their screen, wirelessly. The challenging part of designing for this product was that there were a variety of end users personas and multiple layers of development.

↝ The user enters room code to get a download link for a Mac or Windows app.

↝ User downloads a one-time app. They can push their entire screen or a specific app to a designated receiver.

User Personas

Account Administrator - Responsible for managing rooms, devices and billing details.

End User - The person trying to share their screen to the front of the room.

The Admin Portal & Dashboard

The account portal is the administrative engine that manages everything in the organization. I wanted to make sure that the concept of rooms remained simple but dealt with the complexity of managing several new devices as it added new challenges with the interface. 

Ditto also introduced new receiver types with Mac, Windows & tvOS. These new receivers were designed to manage custom branding, multiple device sharing, and mass deployment.

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