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ClassHub is a SaaS-based device management application for the classroom. Both IT administrators and teachers utilized ClassHub as a way to deploy, monitor, and control device technology in an educational environment. ClassHub is another challenging product landscape with multiple user personas, lengthy enrollment procedures, and strict student privacy mandates.

↝ Teachers can easily manage their student devices as well as monitor their activity and usage.

↝ IT administrators could deploy and configure student devices up to the district level.

User Personas

Teacher - Responsible for teaching students and making sure that the technology did not get in the way of their lesson plan.

IT Administrator - Power user and configuration oriented, involved in the backend tasks of the school's technical infrastructure.

This project was by far, my favorite because it was a product that had been in the field and subject to feedback from our customers. I utilized the backlog of support tickets, information from customer surveys, and interviews conducted by our deployment team. There was a clear need for an updated and well-structured design system that brought both platforms together. 

The admin dashboard was the backend management system for setting up and maintaining the ClassHub product for the district/school. The portal housed everything from managing classes, DEP enrollment (for schools with thousands of devices) and billing.

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